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What? » Recipe for a successful DIXIEMANIA




7 fiery musicians of Canarian origin

Countless sheets of the finest Dixieland Jazz music

1 authoress

1 journalist

1 actress

1 danseuse

1 singer

1 enthralling and historically correct story

And a generous portion of spices such as imagination, creativity, poetic art, a bit of improvisation, 3 heaped spoonfuls of optimism, 1 dash of eroticism, 1 teaspoon of rhythm, 1 grain of irony, 1 touch of humour and plenty of love, discipline and stamina.




Take seven authentic musicians who go by the name of Alabama Dixieland Jazz Band, mix them with a female component so you get a homogeneous entity, give the lady a good shake and provide her with a massive gift for languages. Then take the historically correct story, original costumes from the 1920s and flavour everything with a lot of imagination, creativity, poetic art, improvisation and a touch of eroticism. Add one teaspoon of rhythm, a grain of irony, three heaped spoonfuls of optimism and a generous dash of humour.

Prepare everything with much love, discipline and stamina and cook it on the fire of passion.

And voilà, the DIXIEMANIA is ready to be served!


DIXIEMANIA – the appetizer


DIXIEMANIA is the perfect option for all types of events if you want to offer your guests a special kind of entertainment. Our seven musicians and our lovely lady will quicken your appetite and enrich your birthday or wedding celebration, your congress, or any other event – we spare no ways or means to put your guests in the right mood with an exceptional sound, dance and a presentation individually coordinated to meet your expectations.

In which language? Just as you please. We offer performances in German, English, Spanish or French.


DIXIEMANIA – the main course


DIXIEMANIA, a 1920s-style revue taking you on a journey from the Canary Islands (Tenerife) to Louisiana (USA), is our main course.

However: This time you have to come and visit us! Experience an unforgettable evening in the style of the 1920s in one of our mystic venues. And there’s more: Be a part of it!

Our theatrical extravaganza and the thrilling sounds won’t be the only things that will make you jump out of your seats. At the subsequent 20s-party, even the most tired legs will make you want to conquer the dance floor. If you wish we will escort you to the event in an authentic vintage car – because you are the star of the evening! Enjoy an evening that will turn into an unforgettable journey through time.


A 1920s-style picnic


... is the next course on the menu (in the process of planning). Be picked up at your hotel by an authentic vintage car that will take you to one of the most beautiful spots of Tenerife’s landscape. Beforehand, back at the hotel, you will have picked out your clothing for the day, original costumes from the 1920s. Experience a historical picnic which will revive your senses not only musically, but also culinary. You are the chief character in a natural scenery. Needless to say that this extraordinary moment will also be documented in pictures – in black and white photographs, 1920s-style.

In the future, we will also offer dance seminars to perfect the skills of your twisting, Charleston-dancing legs. Taught by none other than world champions!


DIXIEMANIA – the dessert


The person who wants to surprise his guests after a successful event, in a manner of speaking as the climax with a sweet musical treat, has come to the right place.

Your guests will enjoy a merry conclusion to your event with vibrant live music and cheeky Charleston postures, inviting them to burn off some calories on the dance floor. Active guests in high spirits, will go home pleased, with some swing in their legs, a smile on their faces and an everlasting memory of the special night.