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Alabama Dixieland Jazz Band


Louis Armstrong once said, “If ya ain’t got it in ya, ya can’t blow it out.” Of course he knew what he was talking about, being that he was one of the greatest Jazz musicians of all time. And were he to witness a performance of Tenerife-based Alabama Dixieland Jazz Band, he most certainly would have come to the conclusion that theysure do got it.

But wait – Dixieland jazz? On the Canary Islands? In Spain? Land of flamenco guitars and castanets? If you thought that Dixieland jazz and the Canary Islands were mutually exclusive, we’re sorry to inform you that you are wrong. But we’re very happy to tell you a little story:


When Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans at the beginning of the twentieth century, the Big Easy was a hatchery of many things. People of American, African, Asian and European descent made the city by the Mississippi River a melting pot par excellence. One of the most prestigious things that came out of this potpourri was a new style of music: the New Orleans Jazz was born. And that’s where the Canarians have to be taken into account. Not only did they and their descendants constitute a considerable part of the population, but they also had a major hand in the music business. Take Antonio Medina for example: when he retired as the most successful navigator of steam boats the Mississippi had ever seen, he opened a music shop in New Orleans. And pretty soon, his little shop had become the leading establishment, praised and well-frequented by jazz musicians from all over the state. And then there was Alcide “Yellow” Nunez who co-founded the Original Dixieland Jazz Band and took their interpretation of the New Orleans Jazz, the ‘white’ version they now called ‘Dixieland Jazz’, to the remaining parts of the United States.


And now, with the Alabama Dixieland Jazz Band, the circle is complete. They go way back to the roots, and their genuine and pure sound will sweep you off your feet and literally make you jump out of your seat at the same time.


A delight for your ears and eyes in their authentic costumes.

It’s magic, it’s addictive, it’s the Alabama Dixieland Jazz Band.


Close your eyes and let them take you on a journey to the French Quarter. And maybe, if you listen closely, you can hear Louis Armstrong, whispering in your ear, “They sure do got it…”.



Alabama Dixieland Jazz Band:


  • Antonio Damián Hernández ‘Zorosky’, Trompone, Band leader

  • Juan Carlos León ‘Mosco’, Clarinete

  • Luis Melián, Trumpet

  • Ingo Kropp, Saxophon Tenor

  • Silvano Amador, Tuba

  • Patricio León, Banjo

  • Jesús Castellano, Drums